Friday, April 7, 2017

One Word Titles- Ossuary


Henry pulled the small hand off the forearm. He shook the hand and looked at how nimble the fingers were. Turning to the young man in a t-shirt next to him, "Tyler, you see these hands can be off of any damn Bot, you never know where they come from or what they're wired for."
Tyler looked on, sipping a soda. He covered his mouth as burped.
Henry squinted his eyes and lifted the hand and forearm off the table and placed the pieces into a hole in the wall. He pushed a button next to the hole, and a glass door sealed the hole shut. "This here is the Ossuary, Tyler," said Henry, then looked to notice Tyler staring out the window. "Tyler! Tyler"
Tyler snapped his head around.
"Tyler you payin attention? This is important, I don't want to see you just cleaning parts your whole life."