Monday, April 29, 2013

Invisible Ink

Heard a great recommendation for the Invisible Ink book. It was written by Brian McDonald of the Invisible Ink blog. His book is available for purchase from Amazon or it can be read (legally) for free online. I am looking forward to reading his stuff.

About Brian McDonald

Acclaimed by successful screenwriters and authors, Invisible Ink is a helpful, accessible guide to the essential elements of the best storytelling.   Brian McDonald, an award winning screenwriter who has taught his craft at several major studios, supplies writers with tools to make their work more effective and provides readers and audiences a deeper understanding of the storyteller’s art.

When people think of a screenplay, they usually think about dialogue – the “visible ink” that is readily accessible to the listener, reader, or viewer. But a successful screenplay needs Invisible Ink as well, the craft below the surface of words. Invisible Ink lays out the essential elements of screenplay structure, using vivid examples from famous moments in popular movies as well as from one of his own popular scripts.  You will learn techniques for building a compelling story around a theme, making your writing engage audiences, creating appealing characters, and much more.

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