Monday, May 6, 2013

About Plot Points

Great article over at Script Shadow on plot points
  • The emergence of a goal (Indiana must go find the Ark).
  • A shocking twist (Cole tells Malcom he can “see dead people”).
  • An upping of the stakes (they realize in Inception that if they die in the dream, they could be stuck in it forever).
  • A mystery is presented (Why is there a naked Chinese man in their trunk in The Hangover?)
  • A key character is introduced (Sgt Powell – the cop – shows up to help McClane in Die Hard).
  • A key character is killed (spoiler – Schultz is killed in Django Unchained).
  • An unplanned interruption of the hero’s life (Neo gets an urgent phone call from Morpheus at work).
  • The emergence of a threat (after the plane crash, the wolves start stalking our characters in The Grey).

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